How to Make Resume in Your Mobile?



Do you have to take help from a Cyber Cafe or any other person to make a resume? How to Make Resume in Your Mobile?

Stop doing this now. Because in this post we will learn to make Professional Resume very easily in our own mobile.

If you are also going through the issue of Interview & Job, then you will need a Professional Resume.

And in this way, we want our resume to be different from all and in the attractive format.

50+ Professional Formats: How to Make Resume in Your Mobile?

And it is much more important to have an Attractive Resume.

Because this is your first impression And it works more than 35% to keep the interviewer interested in you.

What is Resume?

For your information, let me tell you that, Normally we are also called Bio-Data and CV (Curriculum Vitae).

But the resume and the CV are very different from each other.

RESUME is such a document, in which your education, work experience, achievements, skills are given in Summary. During the interview, the HR Manager is presented in front of the interviewer.

By the way, you will find many resume Making Tools and Websites on the Internet.

But I will tell you about an App of Mobile which is the easiest and best to make a Professional Resume.

In this you will find many designs and formats too.-  How to Make Resume in Your Mobile?

So let’s start step-by-step

Step #1.

First of all you have to download Resume Builder created by Aristoz Developer.

You can easily download it from Google Play Store.

Just search by typing “Resume Builder”, then download it in Search Results.

Step #2.

After downloading this app, now you have to open it and how to make resume?

Its a step-by-step process to learn.

Let’s try to learn these processes in detail.

Open Resume Builder

First of all, open it here and understand its features.

 We will try to tell you everything about it.

Create Resume: In this section you can fill your detail! And simultaneously, you can preview and download Resume too!

Downloads: You can see all the resume downloaded from here!

Cover Letter: From here you can write Cover Letter That means you want to work in a new company.

 This letter can be attached to the front.

Filling Personal Information

Now you have to fill in your personal details by using into the Create Resume option to create a resume.

Let us fill up the information quickly

Basic Details & Personal Info

Basic Details: You can alternatively save your name, address, email address, phone number

Personal Info: Save it by filling it with you (Date of birth, whether you are married or not, what language you know, which country you are citizens, if you have passport).

Education, Experience & Project

Education: Fill your Qualified Education in this section! – (Which studies you have done, how many your marks were, what college / university etc.)

Experience: Fill your previous experiences in this section .

(When you used to work in the organization, when did you join and how long it worked, what were your designations and role).

Project: If you’ve ever worked on a project, fill it out.

Technical Skills & Interests

Technical Skills: You know that every person far away from today should have some skills.

Fill your skills in this section! As such, (Microsoft Office, Writing, Tally etc.)

Interests: What are the interests in you, fill this section! As such, (Reading, Gaming, Running etc …)

Industrial Exposure & Achievements

Industrial Exposure: It means Internship only And internship means working with a company.

If you have worked with any company in the past, save it by filling it out. Otherwise you can leave it.

Achievements & Awards: If you have ever received any award in the competition, company, program, then you can mention them.

Activities & Hobby

Activities: Which means have you done recently? If you wish you can fill it otherwise there is no problem in not filling it.

Personal Strengths & Hobby: In which field you are ahead, what kind of hobbies you are, fill it! – Like, (Decision Making, Jogging, Fishing etc.)

Objective, Declaration, Date & Reference

Objective, Declaration, Date: In this section you fill your Target / Goal!

You can choose any of the Select Objectives  Also fill Date and Place.

 After that, fill in the Declaration that all the details given by you in the resume are correct.

Reference: It is important to fill it when you have come through the reference of a company.

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