How to Block Showing Jio Ads on your Mobile Phone


With the offer of Relaince jio, which has not been offered to anyone – with the unlimited calling 4G data at nominal prices, the number of Jio users has increased greatly, each person has Jio SIM as their second number.

One issue that I personally encountered, as soon as I installed a live SIM in my 4G VoLTE enabled smartphone and activated the SIM in which I was not only advertising in Jio applications, but also Home and everywhere Also on the screen Ads are full-screen overlay ads that are quite annoying and usually come in the way when you are doing some important work.

The Reliance Jio complimentary entertainment app has achieved a prominent place on our smartphone in the past year.I’m talking about those random full-screen ads, which also pop up at the time when no Jio app is activated in the background on your Android phone. See how to block them

Block ads

  • Uninstall MyJio, Jio 4G Voice and all other Jio apps.
  • Cancel all permissions for Jio applications Press the app icon, press the info button, go to app permission and uncheck everything. Also close the “Draw Over the App” permission for the Jio app.
  • For Android Oreo or later, go to Settings> Apps> MyJio and turn off the “App can appear at the top” setting. You probably have to do this for every Jio app on the device.
  • Root your Android device and install the AdAway app. This is in the form of a block application that blocks access to certain IP addresses
  • Use Greenify to hibernate all Jioapps and prevent the app from running in the background.

Meanwhile, after seeing the tweets, the Jio team contacted me and asked for the phone’s IMEI number. A week later, I got a call from the Jio support team that resolved the problem.

Yes, despite all the Jio apps as before, I was not getting any pop-up ads on my phone. Did it change? It turned out, the Jio support representative told me that these ads can only be disabled by Jio for the phone number sought on the server side.



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