Audiense is a great social intelligence tool


Audiense Introduction

Audiense is a social marketing platform built on three main solutions – Social Insights, Social Marketing, and Social Advertising. The purpose of the platform is to help businesses engage with there and to search, understand, attract or encourage them to take action.

businesses have a platform with which to identify their audiense and their quality, to collect their social strategies for success, collect high-quality social intelligence. The tool also comes with a pile of social marketing and social advertising functionality. These tools help users customize their engagement with their customers and prospective customers using viewers’ insights, create unique Audienses, and track their ROI payments and earned media to mention some Are.O

Overview of Audiense Benefits

Formerly called SocialBro, This tool is a major improvement from its old brand, which is now considered to be a more sophisticated social media platform with advanced features designed to deliver real business value to large agencies and big brands all over the world.  Audiense has such powerful tools that help the business to acquire accurate and actionable insights, improve accessibility, and to implement effective social marketing campaigns and identify valuable areas and actions.

It is easy for businesses to split their existing Audiense or their targeted market. This system provides tools and functionality that helps them influence and engage communities, to engage and adapt, and to spot and attract along with their business. Audiense allows users to identify and classify their, understand their behavior, show their consumers’ patents and trends.

Audiense Engagement

businesses are easy to identify their Audiense and determine their quality. The understanding crossover between communities is also air, as well as enjoy a comfortable combination of user content and relationship analysis. The platform also helps in using Smart Audiense Insights to optimize users engagement with their customers and prospects. It is also possible to create ultra-segmented for improving the reach and results of the campaign. This system also comes with a plethora of tools that allow users to elaborate on all your organic and paid campaigns.

Overview of the characteristics

• Uncover Twitter Followers Key Info

• Tailor your content based on Audiense

• Discover new followers and target specific users

• Identify Twitter Influencers

• competitive analysis

• Personalized Tweet Analysis

• The best time to tweet is

• Twitter Dashboard

• Integration with buffer app

• Identify fans on the basis of conversation

• Comparison of Accounts Tools

• Note tags and attach to followsers

• Integrate Twitter into your email database

• Monitor hashtags, keywords and URLs

• automate DM campaigns

• Fallback Unflow Tool

• Tweet Analytics Reports

• Real Time Twitter Stats

• Integrated with Hootsuit

• Lists Twitter management


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