5 Steps for SEO Friendly Website


Most users’ online experiences start by entering search terms in the major search engines. Which means that focusing on ways to achieve a high level of status should be a priority for those businesses looking at their products in the online market. This article gives you 5 clear steps for SEO Friendly Website to ensure that Google knows what your business does, and recognizes the value you provide for visitors.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

All major search engines, and Google, specifically, decide on website rankings based on the information read by ‘Googlebots’ or ‘Fidders’. They are programmed to read your website according to the search engine criteria, and rank accordingly.

Search engine optimization refers to the ways in which you ‘design’ your website whose information Googlebots are searching for. The more closely the standards set by Google, the higher your website will be, so that your client will find it easier.

Optimizing Your Website Design

Ideally, the website design phase is ‘hard-wired’ for SEO, but there are still many valuable tasks that you can do to promote SEO on your website again. And if, at any point, you think this is a lot of trouble, remember that 91% of online content does not get any traffic. To improve your ranking, it should be worth it in a few hours.

When you are communicating with Google, optimization thinks at the time you think about it. You need to tell Google why your website is eligible to rank above others who are selling similar products.

Here are 5 simple steps to get you started with Googlebot:

1. Find out how your customers search for your product

Google to Spiders’ will be crawled on your site to find out what ‘search terms’ or’ keywords’ you assign to your product. If you do not use those people who are in general use, they do not recognize what you are selling. There are no set rules for finding these phrases, you just have to put yourself in the role of the customer looking for your product. What words would you use to find it? What are your competitors using key terms as key search terms?

Once you find 3 or 4 most popular words to describe your product, then integrate them into a copy of your website. Make sure they are used naturally and you include them in your titles for each page of the site. Now Google bot will be able to cross-references and understand what you are selling.

2. Create URLs that tell Google what you do

Googlebots expects to be able to read from your URL what it is about your webpage. Providing SEO friendly URLs is a simple task and it can make a real difference in your ranking.

If your URL contains a title, such as ‘how fit’, then words should include hyphens between them, because the URL will not tolerate spaces: https://www.sportswear.co.uk/ tips/ how to- to-get -fit

3. Create your website instead of mobile for desktop

Your web design should be ‘responsive’ to say that it will automatically fit the screen of mobile, laptop and tablet. In addition, the design should be attractive and accessible on whatever screen is being viewed on it. A ‘Mobile First’ design is one that starts with mobile, which is more limited, and then spreads to desktop delivery.

Google is now rewarding first mobile firsts’ designs because they accept trends towards mobile use for online searches.

4. Image Management

There should be a ‘must’ for good-looking visual websites. They are also a great way to promote your website SEO. Every time you add an image to a page of your website, you are invited to name it using text all text. This is to tell Googlebot only what your images are, because they only read the code and can not see your photos. If you use your keywords in the title, you increase your score.

While loading the pictures, keep in mind to give them the right size. Avoid too big pictures because they will slow down your site speed.

5. Be strict about copying

If you repeat the same copy on pages on the site, or if you repeat the copy from any other published website, you will be penalized. The easiest way to address this is to create a rule that there will not be duplication of content anywhere on your site. In which the product list, call to action and how you describe it. Every page should be completely unique.

SEO management is underway

These 5 steps will get your site in the proper order for ranking, but SEO is not something you can do once and forget. There are teams after every turn and turn of the Google criteria in the outsourcing agencies that offer professional SEO to customers,


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