5 Most Important WordPress Plugins Need Every New Site


Upon setting up your WordPress site, your mind is running with the gamut of the things you want to do with your site. Very Important WordPress Plugins for your new blog. What products are you selling? What kind of design do you want for your site? Which blog posts do you want to publish on your blog? Who will write for your blog?

While these things are equally important, the questions lost in the reshuffle are:

• How can I save my site from malware and hackers?

• What is the best way to get rid of comment spam?

• How will people reach me if there is a problem with the site?

• What should I do to Google to index my site?

• How fast can I load my site for the sake of my visitors?

With untrained eyes, you think these questions have nothing to do with making money on your blog. However, in close inspection, all these questions affect the bottom line of your website.

For example, without skilled website, almost a quarter of your visitors will leave your site (especially if it loads for more than four seconds). Also, if you can not find people on search engines, then you do not have visitors at all.

before thinking about your WordPress site or the blog you created, you need to download the most important WordPress plugins before doing anything.

Discover the most important WordPress plugins that you need to download and use so that you can keep your site free from malware, spam, and speed of the site.

1. WordFence

After creating your WordPress site, the next thing you need to do is protect it. It is your priority to keep your website’s data secure.

You are not able to download a security plugin for your site because you do not want a hacker to destroy years of work on your website.

There are many free security plugins for WordPress, but WordFence is one of the better available ones.

After installing and activating the plugin, you can set up a firewall immediately to identify malicious traffic and prevent hackers from their tracks.

It also blocks the attacks of cruel force from people attempting to log in to your site using random passwords. Finally, you can block the network to protect yourself from further threats.

The paid version lets you set up a real-time threatened defense zone, blocking the IP of some countries, check if the site is generating IP spam and more.

2. Akismet

Once your website receives steam and generates traffic, people would like to connect with you and your content. One way to do this is to comment on your post. Some will leave practical ideas about your post, which help in furthering the discussion.

On the other hand, the other people will only leave their comments unclear. If you have a popular website, then these vague comments will come to your site, which will make it difficult to manage your comment section.

By setting up Akismet, you can keep your site spam-free. The plugin will filter out unwanted comments from real people so that you can easily manage the comments section of each post.

3. Contact form 7

WordPress Plugins

As a budding business, you want to reach as many people as possible in your audience. That’s why you establish a website in the first place.

The next step is the best way for them to reach you. They can call you on the phone, but some are probably too far and are hesitant to charge or shy payment to talk to you.

As another option, you can set up a contact page on your site, in which they can fill their questions and concerns.

One of the best contact form plugins on WordPress is contact form 7. You can create a form that you can embed on any page of your site using its shortcode. You can also customize a form by adding a series of questions and adding different elements in the form. In addition to the text bar, you can use the checkboxes, drop-down menus, radio buttons and others on your form.

4. Yoast SEO

One of the best ways to generate traffic to your site is via SEO. By optimizing your site pages for their targeted keywords, you increase the likelihood of increasing their rankings on the first page of the biological search.

However, there are so many ranking factors for tracking and monitoring each page, you can easily lose in the shuffle.

Yoast SEO ensures that you stay on top of your SEO regardless of your knowledge of it. This tool is one of the most downloaded and most important WordPress plugins available for free.

It gives your site an opportunity to fight against more established websites in your place by following the best SEO practices as described in the tool.

gives your site an opportunity to fight against more established websites in your place by following the best SEO practices as described in the tool.

helps you to create a sitemap for indexing your site to search spiders. You can also create breadcrumbs to help visitors keep tabs on your site’s structure, you can also set canonical URLs to prevent duplicate content and identify the version of the page you are ranking on Google.

best features of the plugin is content and SEO analysis. By pointing to your keyword, Yoast SEO calculates the SEO score of the site using various factors for your page. It also helps you to write easy read content for your readers.

5. WP Total Cache

WordPress Plugins

An issue that Google and visitors have with websites, is the speed of the site The slower the site is, the more people will run away from it even before it is fully loaded. After knowing this, Google will also keep your page with high ranking on search results due to slow loading.

WP Total Cache fixes problems by making a cached version of your website on your user’s browsers. Whenever they come back to your site,

the browser loads local files on your site from your last trip, so they do not have to download data from your server. The result is a fast loading and a user-friendly site.


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