20 Best Social Media Marketing Tools To Help You Grow In 2019


Are you ready to level your social game? If you want your social media marketing to be effective, you will need to invest in the right tools for the job. Tools that help you manage and optimize your posts.

Today is your lucky day we are sharing 20 awesome tools that will change your social media marketing skills.

Is Social Media Marketing Important?

Absolutely! This has been one of the most cost effective online marketing strategies for some time. Social media allows you to pay for it to develop your visibility and brand awareness.

However, when it’s time to scale your social media campaigns, then you need a bit more. You can not just dominate the social media in your arsenal without some important marketing tools.

Good social media tools help you find more content to share. Use them to schedule posts at the right time, as well as measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. What’s more, they provide usable information to improve your social appearance.

Are you ready to find out which social media marketing tools are best for your business? Let’s dive in

1. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a powerful lead generation tool that lets you engage visitors at just the right time. There is a drag-and-drop template that captures the lead to create visually stunning lightboxes, popups, and landing pages. To enhance your mailing list, everything can be resolved by using the amazing set of OptinMonster tools to recover abandoned trains.

Really good to hear? OptinMonster can now be part of your social media marketing campaign. Just use the new ChatBoot element to connect to ManyChat. Once you do this, you are ready to share your best performing optins on Facebook Messenger.

2. OneStream

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Onestream is a powerful social media automation tool that you should bookmark today. This tool works one, and it does it well.

With Onestream you can schedule a pre-recorded video to be live on your favorite social media platform. Currently, it supports Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Periscope. If you have a ton of video already recorded that you want to live streamed, then you can use the scheduling feature to fill your live video on your social media calendar.

In my testing, it was super friendly to use, and you can add videos by uploading with Dropbox or Google Drive or directly integrated.

The free plan lets you stream on a platform and pays for a plan to give you unlimited access. They offer a free trial that you can use immediately to see the strength of the foreststream.


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Audiense is a social intelligence tool that allows you to discover and break new target audiences. Most importantly, it helps your audience to tell how they last. Then, Audience uses tracking and reports to help you adjust your audience engagement. Think of it as a tool to build relationships with customers.


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Tweepi is a Twitter tool that helps you get more followers. First of all, it finds relevant users interested in your topic. You can then engage those users by mentioning them in the Tweets, adding them to the list or following them.

5. Socedo

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Socedo automatically gets to know the social media on those who fit your buyer’s personality. They categorize individuals based on that data by looking at real-time social behavior. Once your visitors arrive, you can divide the followers into several sections. In this way, you can be sure that only relevant segments get your content and promotion.

6. Socialbakers

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Socialbakers have a suite of tools to make decisions based on the data of your followers. You can measure your performance versus competitors, then use those insights to improve your content.

This information is valuable when monetizing your campaigns. By promoting customer acquisition, retention, and growth, you can use it for budget more effectively.

7. CrowdFire

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Crowdfire is a popular tool that can help you manage and schedule content on Twitter. In addition to Twitter, they also support other social media networks such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest.

One thing that I like about the crowdfire is the topic suggestion. This lets you search for articles based on topics you are interested in, and with one click you can add it to your Twitter or other social media account also. It also tells the best time to tweet, which is a bonus

8. ZeroFox

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ZeroFOX is a security tool that works with all popular social media platforms as well as Slack, Google Play and Apple’s App Store. It identifies and protects brands against hackers to take control of social media account.

but that’s not all. The platform also works to protect its customers’ social media reputation. They eliminate offensive and deliberately disruptive material, eliminate impersonal profiles, and defend followers against scammers. Think of ZeroFOX as a mass publicity tool that also has security features.

9. SocialPilot

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SocialPilot enables you to schedule more than 2,000 social media posts using your business plan. You can use and analyze the activities generated by the posts you make.

You also have the right to provide access to half a dozen members of your team or staff. They also have a mobile app that makes it easy for you to schedule content from the comfort of your fingers.

10. Followerwonk

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Followerwonk is a tool specifically to use with Twitter. This is one of the most in-depth and useful tools on this list. Followerwonk will help you analyze and optimize your Twitter audience. It eventually helps you develop your base by suggesting people follow you. If Twitter is part of your social media marketing campaign, then this tool is a must.

11. Last Pass

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LastPass is not specifically designed for social media, but it is still a useful tool. Because LastPass saves your password in encrypted password want. Use it to create ultra-strong passwords for social media. We are talking about passwords with upper and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and other random characters.

You unlock LastPass password walt by using master password. Once logged in, the app will enter your login details every time you try to log in to the social media site.

12. Agora Pulse

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Agora Pulse is a simple and affordable solution for social media management. It has all the original scheduling and analytics features, and you can also run contests, quizzes, and promotions. It also allows you to see how your social media marketing campaign stacks against your competitors. Want to give it a try? Take advantage of their free trial and see how you like it.

13. CrowdBooster

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CrowdBooster gives real-time data that you can access quickly. You can create reports measuring your major performance metrics, and also export them via graphs and tables. This information helps you optimize your audience more effectively. It suggests you connect with and how you can improve the content.

14. Twitter analytics

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Twitter Analytics is a free tool that lets you measure the performance of your Twitter marketing campaign. Want to know if your Tweets are getting enough likes, comments, and retweets? Twitter Analytics reports give you all that information and more. In this way, you can see how people interact with your content and adjust your campaign accordingly.

15. Facebook analytics

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Overall, Facebook Analytics works in the same way as Twitter’s analytics tool. It looks at your content and how readers have interacted with it. Very easy stuff, right?

Yes and no While both platforms work with the same purpose, Facebook reports are more comprehensive than Twitter. Facebook Analytics does not just show you how many people have talked with your content. It shows you who else and where to talk.

Of course, this is not surprising. Facebook has more features than Twitter Naturally, there is more information to track.

And if you run a Facebook group, do not forget to check that analytics data too.

Facebook Analytics is good for social media marketing

16. Tailwind

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Tailwind, Pinterest and Instagram are a tool to create content. Use it with Pinterest to pin several boards, bulk uploads and schedule posts at once. It comes with a drag-and-drop calendar that makes scheduling content easier than ever.

If you want to spin it out, you can try it for free for social media marketing.

17. Buzzsumo

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Buzzsumo is one of the best tools to discover new and popular content on the web. With it, you can plug in the selection of a topic or keyword. From there, you will find a breakdown of popular trending posts in those categories. – social media marketing

Want to see how content is viral? BuzzSumo also gives you a list of keywords that share keyword-related content. Use it to research ideas for your content marketing campaign and to connect with top influential people in your industry.

18. Tagboard

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The tagboard is a listening device for research on social media content. You just have to plug in a word, subject or hashtag, and you will see how that topic is discussed online. This is an advanced way to monitor things like brands and product mentions, and how they relate to your marketing strategy. Apart from this, you can use it for ideas on coming up with catchy content, especially when the trend develops.

19. Visage

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Every social media campaign requires customized images. Visage is a tool that helps companies design social media graphics which are fully customized for each platform. Visibility graphics templates make it easy to manage your brand’s style and tone. In this way, you can ensure stability on all social media marketing platforms. And the editable design lets you upgrade graphics with your team

20. Canva

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Add Canva to the list of awesome free social media tools, which needs every marketman. This lets you create amazing images for your campaigns. Use it to jazz your content so that more people like and share your posts.

Best, you should not be a graphic designer to use canvas. It comes with a ready made template and loads of cool graphics that you can use. This means that you can create a selective picture in minutes.


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